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With new guidelines, the validity of Applications in the subject panel is for SIX MONTHS only (with effect from 17 AUG 2023). Candidates are advised to update & re-submit their Application atleast once in SIX MONTHS to ensure that their Application is Active in the Subject Panel to be considered for new Project Manpower Positions (Temporary Positions) from CSIR-CFTRI.

Recent Deployment of Manpower in Projects
  • Identification and analysis of tRNA derived fragments(tRFs) from rice (black, brown, red and white) derived exosome-like edible nanovesicles (ELN) for cancer therapeutics
  • “Development of nanotechnology based neuroprotection using chitooligosaccharides (COS) for Neurodegenerative Disease”
  • Method of Extraction of soluble and insoluble arabinoxylan from defatted rice bran
  • Analytical activities under Customer Service Cell & RFL
  • Disinfestation and management of phosphine resistance insect pests: Design and development of multi-fume grain storage system
  • Decoding the role of the transcription factor, sterol regulatory element binding protein during hepatic stellate cell activation
  • Phenome India- CSIR Health Cohort Knowledgebase
  • Development of functional oleogel based bakery products
  • “A greener processed ayurvedic formulation (Phyllanthus niruri, Tinospora cordifolia and Boerhaavia diffusa) for liver cancer management”
  • Global migration studies on plastics and laminates
  • “CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative (Phase-II)
  • Development of thermostable container for perishable food items
  • “Formulation and product development of Ayurveda recipes and nutritional evaluation of selected products”
  • To provide technical support for the development of RIL’s protein-fortified cookies and pasta with enhanced nutrition

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